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Cultural activities

From Moustiers to Quinson and its prehistoric museum

Moustiers is a brilliant illustration of the richness of life in the hinterlands of Provence. The countless markets flaunt the ware of this wonderland; here you can enjoy the sweet aromas of Provençal produce, listen to the pleasant local music and language and indulge in the region’s arts and crafts. You’ll also find countless workshops where you can see just how the makers of faïence earthenware have made Moustiers-Sainte-Marie so renowned! Each item of earthenware made by these artisans bears their signature and will provide your table with a souvenir to last a lifetime. If you prefer to take things in with a casual stroll, you’ll be in heaven. Otherwise, the many guided tours will allow you to take everything in Moustiers has to offer – soon it will feel like you’ve been here all your life and you know everything about the village and its lively way of life.

At the Gorges du Verdon Museum of Prehistory in Quinson (30 minutes from the hotel), you can explore the findings of the 60 archaeological sites around the Verdon all in one place. You’ll be welcomed by a spectacular mammoth. The fun and educational museum also houses a sabre-tooth tiger, a giant deer and a woolly rhino – nature on a grand scale. From the formation of the Verdon to the Roman conquest, you’ll love the many views on the subject of prehistory, divided into 20 themed spaces housing original and man-made items spanning hundreds of thousands of years.
At the Valensole Lavender Festival in July, you can also dive into many local contemporary traditions.